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Customized on-line administration tool 

  • People manager
  • Program planner
  • Scheduler

One-stop organization platform for: 

  • Free-lancers
  • Small firms
  • -- and their clients
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A  Simplify how you handle client & staff contacts:

  • Use on-line registration, login, adminindexcardsavetime 
  • Track feedback, requests, payment 
  • Send automatic-email notifcations
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B  Increase productivity with a better work flow:

  • Navigate a user-friendly interfaceindexcardstayorganized 
  • Customize your headings, labels, tabs
  • Complete tasks quick-with-a-click
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C  Schedule dates and keep everyone connected:

  • View holidays, cancellations, changesindexcardseeprogress 
  • Email individuals or groups
  • Input day-to-day or long term entries
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Price, partnership, support

Price: Social Rate

We offer a social rate discount for selected users.
Cost is based on the following:
a. Product license fee (cost of using product)
b. Service & support (cost of maintaining & updating)
c. Royalties (cost for your business growing)

Partnership: Meeting

We work in the spirit of hard work, trust and honesty.
Discussions are based on the following: 
a. Your business background & model.
b. Our solutions to your pain points and needs.
c. A short-term or long-term working relationship.  

Support: Case-by-case

We support you throughout the life of your business.
Support is based on the following:
a. The complexity of your business.
b. The number of features your business needs.
c. The short-term or long-term needs of your business. 


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Begin using the StudyGuide

1  Send us your StudyGuide User Request Form

Tell us about your system and when you can meet.

2  Meet us.

Discuss your administration pain points and needs.
Hear our solutions.

3  Begin using the StudyGuide.

Product license fee is due before implementation.
Service & support is available immediately. 


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Questions? Comments? Email us.

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